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Price_______  Breed _______ Sex_______ Date of Birth_________ 

Deposit_________ Pickup Price________

To the best of my knowledge, this puppy has no health problems nor defects , hereditary or otherwise _____________________

The breeder Barbara Clark guarantee the puppy to be in good health at  the time of sale and given the buyer 72 hours to get it seen by a license veterinarian. Vaccination and deworming medication will be given prior to your puppy going home as well as a vaccines records and more.. Please keep all vaccine up to date per your records to keep your new family member safe and Happy. In the 72 hours from the day they receive their new family member (puppy)  to a vet to get exam for their own knowledge knowing the health of their puppy and the vet. If the puppy is found with a life threatening illness in the 72 hours of the guarantee the breeder needs all info from the vet . If the buyer decides to keep the puppy an not return it the breeder is not responsible for any vet bills at all never. If the buyer decide to return the puppy they can choose another pup at same cost as that one if not one is available at the time then next litter open to get. .. The breeder isn't responsible not so every for Vet bills.... If the puppy gets Parvo I'm sorry it can get it as it leave my home be careful where you go also around people its on cloths shoes its a virus very contagious virus.... Remeneber I dont cover No VET BILLS.. Largo is a highly dangerous contagious sickness.. I take a lot of pride in my dogs... 

I do not guarantee the size of the puppy!

Hypoglycemic is common is yorkie's 

Liver shunts are common in schnauzers 

This Guarantee does not cover for Parasites (  Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, tick fleas skin problem ear mites an type of mange coccidia hernia n kennel cough!! Also parvo is a very common disease you can get this as soon as you leave my kennel.. 

Please keep away from all other pets till they are up to date on all vaccine.

By signing below you agree to the guarantee


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